About Us

About Awaken Life Church

"Church is family, and that means love and acceptance."

At Awaken Life Church we believe that church is family, a place where you are welcome and at home. Our desire is for people to feel loved and accepted. We want to break down the walls of separation, and reach out to the community by following the example of Jesus. We have built our church on connection, growth, and mobilisation – these are what we call the "Three Pillars" of our church.


We connect people to Jesus, the Church, and to others. We believe that once you have made the commitment to follow Jesus, it is important to become connected to a church in which you can continue to grow and learn. It’s also important to be surrounded by other believers who will support and walk this wonderful new journey with you.


Our focus is on Spiritual and personal growth, as well as growing closer to one another. Once you’re connected, the next step is to continue growing in your relationship with God, learning more, and becoming who He created you to be. Apart from Spiritual and personal growth, we also love to see relationships between individuals grow and develop into the united body that Christ prayed for.


Equipping God’s people to live out and share His word. Every believer has an area of influence, be it work, school, friends, or ministry – these areas give us opportunities to share God’s love to the world. As a church, our responsibility is to ensure that individuals are equipped to step out in these areas and bring others into God’s family by having the boldness and ability to tell others about Jesus, and live a life which reflects His love.